JICON Dance Fest (Jakarta International Contemporary Dance Festival), is a festival that incorporates a variety of dance programs that advances a contemporary spirit in the practice and discourse of interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration, as well as international exchange and networking programs. The design of combining various programs within JICON Dance Fest’s platform is intended to create intermediary and connectedness that accommodates the diversity in the flow of the current dance ecosystem, alongside the growing complexity of social issues in our societies. Among the breakthroughs sought by JICON Dance Fest include, possibilities of expanding inter-disciplinary dance practices, hybridity, dance research, and an openness towards bodily interpretations, also the expansion of staging methods in the digital era.

The Jakarta Art Council (Dewan Kesenian Jakarta, DKJ) is an independent institution founded by the artist community and established by Jakarta’s Governor, Ali Sadikin, on June 7th, 1968. DKJ serves as an active partner for the Governor in formulating policies and planning various programs to support activities and the development of artistic life in Jakarta.