Tukar Tangkap Koreografi Indonesia

Artistic Development Program

The Jakarta Art Council, together with Yayasan Kelola, is inviting choreographers and artists from various disciplines interested in choreographic practice and development to register for the Indonesian Choreography Exchange – Artistic Development Program.  

The program’s main focus is supporting the expansion of artistic discourse by Indonesian artists through the exchange of knowledge and experiences, diversity of discourses, experimentation and development, research, and interdisciplinary dialogues. It is with hopes that through this program, artists can find new innovations in formulating and articulating their artistic endeavors towards a broader public space.

The workshop will take place intensively throughout September and October 2021, online through the ZOOM Meeting Application. Selected participants will receive:

  1. Internet data quota allowance ;
  2. Idea research allowance ;
  3. Further research allowances, specifically for post-workshop research results selected to be presented at the SEACN#4 Regional Forum.

The Indonesian Choreography Exchange workshop is the opening segment of South East Asia Choreographers Network 2021-2022 (SEACN#4), which was initiated and organized by Yayasan Kelola three years prior. For this year’s edition of SEACN, the workshop will take place simultaneously between Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The second portion of SEACN#4 is where all workshop participants will meet within a regional forum, to engage in critical dialogues as well as efforts to develop a network of contemporary performing arts in South-East Asia. The SEACN#4 Regional Forum will take place in the first quarter of 2022. Workshop participants with selected ideas have the opportunity to make presentations at the regional forum. 

Tema Workshop

Indonesian Choreography Exchange – Artistic Development Program is a platform between fellow artists (choreographers) immersed in artistic advancement. As a facilitation program that emphasizes exchange, it imagines a process of artistic development that is accepting of possibilities for expansion and novelty among fellow artists from a variety of cross-disciplinary fields. In the process, the exchange facilitation is geared to reach extensively across mediums, as well as a means to amplify awareness, it is also wide-ranging and able to reach the problems of our society today which is increasingly complex, whereas the body is a site of knowledge and power. Swapping as an approach on this platform is an attempt to eradicate closed (canonical) artistic approaches, including the notions of choreography that allow its expansion towards artistic practice across mediums and also choreography as a daily social phenomenon.

The expansion in this program defines the art of dance performance as a cultural study where art as a cultural product has the possibility of expansion as a social networking site of which it covers. So much so basically, nothing is free of interest that enables expansion within this exchange platform, which also supposes the development of the reality that production involves a variety of stakeholders within the artistic practice and performance-related issues. As a bridge to connect the expansion of stakeholders in the actuality of the current production process, this program uses the word ‘intermediary’ that joins artistic practice sites with a broader, more diverse, and more fluid social organism that can dissolve the impasses of the art production ecosystem.

Open Call

This program is open for artists:

  1. Indonesian choreographers interested in interdisciplinary works;
  2. Non-choreographer Indonesian artists interested in choreography in their production process.
  3. Owns a published body of work of 5 years (minimum).
  4. Currently interested in exploring a certain issue and/or is undergoing a research process either for idea development or conception of a new creation.


Application forms must include:

  1. Filled out Application Form that is accessible through this website: www.jicon.id/open-call/
  2. Latest CV
  3. Portfolio of work (photos, videos, program books, media coverage).

Terima Kasih! Pendaftaran Telah Ditutup.

Peserta Terpilih

Selamat kepada 14 nama yang terpilih sebagai peserta workshop Tukar Tangkap Koreografi Indonesia – Artistic Development Program.


10 Peserta Aktif:

  • Fajar Susanto a.k.a Fj Kunting
  • Gema Swaraytagita
  • Gianti Giadi
  • Kelvin Djunaidi
  • Maharani Pane
  • Otniel Tasman
  • Prashasti Wilujeng Putri
  • Puri Senjani Apriliani
  • Taufiqurrahman Kifu
  • Wayan Sumahardika


4 Peserta Pengamat:

  • Laila Putri Wartawati
  • Theodora Melsasail
  • Try Anggara
  • Yosep Prihantoro Sadsuitubun


Nama-nama terpilih akan dihubungi langsung oleh panitia melalui email atau telepon. Para peserta akan mengikuti rangkaian program workshop Tukar Tangkap Koreografi Indonesia sepanjang September-Oktober 2021.